I was born in Mexico City in the mid 80’s when foreign companies entered with great enthusiasm for the side of the consumers to our country. I remember going to the first Starbucks in town with my high school friends to drink a frappuccino for the first time. I lived more than 5 years in New York where I studied art and I went through several uncomfortable stages in the process of finding what kind of artist I wanted to be. The globalization, capitalism and consumer culture have been some of the pillars that have shaped the reflections behind my work. I am interested in analyzing the systems and ways of life in which we live or rather those that we must adapt. I pay close attention to the small details and objects that go hand in hand with everyday life within these lifestyles and record them constantly. These records then become sketches for the installations, sculptures, videos I created under the name Debora Delmar Corp. that simulate and question spaces and objects of daily life.


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