In 1992 the Chilean artist Juan Castillo and the Uruguayan poet Roberto Mascaró decided to pay homage to the poet and visual artist Juan Luis Martínez; which would become an unique and particular editorial project. “Sedas de Ca(v)allo” was the magazine that mobilized poets, writers and artists, where each one of them was invited to publish various unpublished pieces, inspired by the work of Martinez.
And if they wanted to pay homage to the poet, it certainly wouldn’t be in the traditional way. “Sedas de Ca(v)allo” was not an Orthodox magazine, but a box of 100 editions with a different cover corresponding to each edition, all made by Juan Castillo who used clippings, painting, newspaper and photography to make a unique work for each copy.

The Chilean artist and the Uruguayan poet dissociated themselves from curricular motivations and extravagant curatorials; they simply wanted to include the work of those who liked it. Thus the magazine included Severo Sarduy, José Kozer, Diana Duhalde, Gonzalo Rojas, Felipe Maruri, Juan José Daneri, Marcelo Pareja, Nestor Perlongher, Roberto Echavarren, who sent sealed envelopes with 100 copies of their unpublished or previously viewed pieces.

Castillo joins to the guests with the description and sketches of a video installation called “Full Moon” that has never – so far – been transferred to paper. “Sedas de Ca(v)allo” was released and sold at that time in a bar in Stockholm, where the trail of those who were given the copies was diluted. Today we can see images of Edition number 22 thanks to Juan Castillo y Felipe Maruri.

sedas-de-caballo-la-caja-002 sedas-de-caballo-la-caja-003 sedas-de-caballo-la-caja-004a-aire-tierrasedas-de-caballo-la-caja-004


Juan Castillo

juan-castillo-001 juan-castillo-002 juan-castillo-004 juan-castillo-005 juan-castillo-006 juan-castillo

Severo Sarduy

severo-sarduy-001severo-sarduy-003 severo-sarduy-005 severo-sarduy

Diana Duhalde

diana-duhalde-001 diana-duhalde-003 diana-duhalde

Juan José Daneri

juan-jose-daneri-001 juan-jose-daneri-002 juan-jose-daneri-003 juan-jose-daneri

Gonzalo Rojas

gonzalo-rojas-001 gonzalo-rojas-004 gonzalo-rojas-005 gonzalo-rojas

Felipe Maruri




Roberto Mascaró

roberto-mascaro-001 roberto-mascaro-002 roberto-mascaro-003 roberto-mascaro-004





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